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In Uganda, more than one in three girls and one in six boys experiences sexual violence. Resources for those seeking help are limited and often too costly to pursue. Survivors are often silenced by their families and communities and forced to endure the trauma alone.

Founded by a survivor and her family in 2021, Rescue One More provides children with a pathway to safety, justice, and healing while working to bring an end to child sexual violence once and for all. 

Click the arrow to watch the incredible story of hope and resilience that inspired a family (and thousands of friends like you) to take up the fight for young survivors of abuse.

Vanessa's Story

Children Rescued


Children Served


Perpetrators Arrested


People Educated



Our Mission

Safety. Justice. Healing. Prevention.

Prevent sexual violence against children (SVAC) while providing survivors with safety, justice, and healing. 


Community Action Teams


Rescue One More Centers


Committed Local Leaders

Our Vision

End Sexual Violence Against Children (SVAC) in Africa.

Can we actually end SVAC in Africa? We believe the answer is yes!

Starting in Uganda, our goal is to prevent children from ever needing our services in the first place. Using evidence-based strategies, our vision is to bring an end to SVAC across the continent. 


Leadership Team:

Rescue One More CEO & Co-Founder, Scott Lambie

Scott Lambie

Co-Founder & CEO
Rescue One More Board Member, Sarah Lambie

Sarah Lambie

Co-Founder & President

Vanessa Lambie

Co-Founder & Spokesperson
Rescue One More Social Worker & Program Manager, Sania Nakayiza

Sania Nakayiza

Social Worker & Program Manager

Grace (Jackie) Nakalembe

Social Worker & Program Manager

Board of Directors:

Rescue One More CEO & Co-Founder, Scott Lambie

Scott Lambie

Chairman, Board of Directors & Executive Director of Rescue One More

Leslie Beasley

Board Secretary, CEO of Miracle Foundation

Sarah Compton

Board Treasurer, Managing Partner at Stallop, Compton & Robillard, PLLC
Rescue One More Board Member Lillian Butele Kelle

Lillian Butele Kelle

Director, Author & Child Safety Advocate

Andrew Barlow

Director, Senior Counselor with Legend Labs
Rescue One More board member Janet Packer Reeves

Janet Reeves

Director, Educator & Church Planter
Rescue One More Board Member Randy Rush

Randall Rush

Director, Entrepreneur & Author
Rescue One More Board Member, Hal Meyer

Hal Meyer

Director, Retired Human Resources & Organizational Development Executive
Rescue One More Board Member, Sarah Lambie

Sarah Lambie

Director, President & Co-Founder of Rescue One More

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