Vanessa’s Story of Hope & Healing

Ten years ago [2011], Scott and I walked into a government office in Kampala, Uganda, and saw...

Divine Appointments & Connections

On Saturday, I received a text from Cissy. “Uncle, there’s a girl in my village that needs...

Learning How to Dream Big

10 years ago, if you’d asked Vanessa about her dreams for her future, she would have told you...

Macy’s Story: Beauty From Ashes

9 months ago (in August 2021), 13-year-old “Macy”* found herself pregnant after...

The Real Heroes in the Fight Against Child Sexual Violence

We could tell you we’re the heroes. We could tell you we’re the ones rescuing girls; we’re the...

She was collecting water when he attacked. Now he’s behind bars!

Earlier this month (April 2022), a child rapist was arrested in Mukono, Uganda, a bustling...

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