He escaped from jail to exact revenge. Here’s what happened next.

Right now, children’s lives are in danger. Girls who’ve reported cases of abuse or escaped trafficking are living in fear for their lives.

Girls like 5-year-old Tisha* who was being abused in her home by a family member.


The Real Heroes in the Fight Against Child Sexual Violence

We could tell you we’re the heroes. We could tell you we’re the ones rescuing girls; we’re the ones working hard to meet their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs; we’re the ones bringing an end to sexual violence in Uganda. But the truth is, we’re not the heros. They are.


Macy’s Story: Beauty From Ashes

9 months ago (in August 2021), 13-year-old “Macy”* found herself pregnant after being brutally attacked by a gang. Despite pressure from her family to abort, she decided to keep her baby.


Learning How to Dream Big

10 years ago (in Oct. 2011), if you’d asked Vanessa about her dreams for her future, she would have told you she didn’t have any.