Jaclyn’s Story: From Desperate to Dignified

Jaclyn* and baby

When 15-year-old Jaclyn* was raped by a neighbor, she was too frightened to tell anyone. Her mother was gravely ill and unable to work. Jaclyn didn’t want to bring more stress to her family when they were already struggling to make ends meet. 

Some days, it seemed their dignity was all they had left. What if her secret brought shame to her family? She couldn’t bear the thought of her mother enduring any more pain. 

Sadly, Jaclyn’s mother passed away a few months later. She was sent to live with an older sister who recognized the symptoms Jaclyn was too afraid to comprehend. She was pregnant.

After the initial shock of the news dissipated, Jaclyn told her sister what happened.

Her sister contacted a member of the local Community Action Team (CAT)  established by Rescue One More to respond to cases of child sexual violence. The team conducted an assessment and referred Jaclyn to a nearby Rescue One More Center.

There, Jaclyn received the therapy she needed to overcome her trauma and grief along with prenatal care, literacy classes, vocational training, mentoring, discipleship, and more.

A few months after arriving, Jaclyn gave birth to a healthy baby girl. With encouragement from mama mentors and other teen mothers, she’s learned to love and care for her daughter well.

Jaclyn has made incredible progress in her healing journey. She’s also learned business skills and earned a certificate in hairdressing.

But perhaps the most important thing she’s learned is that she has nothing to be ashamed of. She is valued, cherished, and perfectly loved. And so is her baby!

Jaclyn has seen the love of Jesus extended to her through the social workers, mentors, counselors, and other child advocates on our team. We’ve seen it through the services made possible by friends like you!

Survivor and her baby being resettled with older sister

We’re excited to report that last month [Nov. 2023], Jaclyn and her baby were resettled back into her sister’s home.

Our team was able to set up a small salon for Jaclyn in her sister’s house so she can work from home.

Jaclyn says her dignity has been restored. She’s excited to create a new life for her and her baby!

Our social workers check in with Jaclyn regularly so she continues to receive the support she needs and remembers that she is and will always be perfectly loved.